Cold Drip Coffee Equipment

Everyone is talking about good coffee. However, what kind of equipment do you need to make your own coffee at home? And we are talking really good coffee: espresso, filter coffee or cold drip coffee. Of course you can choose to buy ready made Cold Drip as well as Cold Brew Coffee. But let’s be honest: making your own coffee at home is a lot of fun. Also, you know exactly what it is that you get in your cup. Learn here what accessories you need to make good coffee in general and delicious cold drip coffee in particular.


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  6. Cold Brew Coffee Equipment


For every hobby you need certain tools, utensils, and devices. In short: the right equipment. This is exactly the same when making coffee. Of course, you need a little more equipment to prepare cold drip coffee than you might need for filter coffee, espresso or cold brew coffee. Nevertheless, with a little patience, motivation, and the proper tools, you can soon brew and enjoy your own Cold Drip Coffee.


How do you actually prepare cold drip coffee? Before we take a look at the essential cold drip coffee equipment, we should first answer this question. Experience has shown the appropriate equipment depends on the type of coffee you want to prepare. It is only when you have decided on a brewing method that you know what means you should use to make it work. And that is where it gets exciting. Because there is more than just one way to prepare cold drip coffee. The two most popular methods are by using a dripper or making one with the DIY method.

The classic way to make cold drip is to first pour water into a glass container. If you like, you can also add ice cubes to the water. Subsequently, the water drips through a valve into a container holding freshly ground coffee powder. The water then passes through a filter. As a result, the drops of water flush the flavors and caffeine from the coffee powder. Finally, the liquid is collected in a second glass container underneath the filter. This process usually takes several hours.

The right Cold Drip Coffee Equipment is the key to making great cold brew
In order to brew really good cold drip coffee you need the appropriate cold drip coffee equipment.

Cold Dripper

Traditionally you brew cold drip using a cold dripper. So what exactly is a cold dripper? A dripper is a special type of coffee maker only for cold drip coffee. It is also known as Cold Dripper, Cold Brew Dripper, Cold Brew Coffee Dripper, Water Dripper or Cold Drip Tower.

A dripper consists of various glass containers, valves, tubes, and filters that form a prefabricated system. All these elements are stacked on top of each other to form a Cold Drip Tower. Usually this tower-like construction consists of the following components:

  • coffee container
  • substrate container with filter
  • valve or tap to adjust the dripping speed
  • water container

Different kinds and styles of cold brew coffee drippers are being produced by a variety of manufacturers worldwide. Needless to say, you can also build your own cold drip tower yourself.

Coffee Filters

You use them every day: coffee filters. But how much thought have you really put into the selection of your coffee filter thus far? After all, the choice is overwhelming: disposable or permanent coffee filters? Coffee filters made of paper, stainless steel, copper, porcelain, ceramics or high-quality plastics? And what is important when it comes to purchasing filters? In addition, you should also consider the issues of filter size aw well as sustainability and disposal when looking at different types of coffee filters.

Coffee Grinder

Experts all agree: If you want the best coffee, you should freshly grind your coffee beans shortly before brewing. Because fresh-ground coffee has the most aromas. For this reason, many coffee lovers own their own coffee grinders. As a result, there are countless different types and models of coffee grinders to choose from on the market. For example, you can grind your coffee at home using a hand grinder, an electric cone grinder, a disk mill or an impact grinder. Depending on the grinder, the results will vary considerably. However, the grind of the coffee beans has a big influence on the taste and quality of your coffee. As a result, a high quality coffee grinder is a wise and long-term decision. And a good addition to your cold drip coffee equipment.

Cold Brew Coffee Equipment

Whether you brew cold brew coffee or cold drip coffee, each process is very different. Accordingly, you need a completely different kind of equipment to prepare a cold brew. Many coffee lovers already have most of the cold brew coffee equipment at home in their kitchens: French Press, Aeropress, glass jugs, filters and more. You can find out exactly how to make your own cold brew coffee – and much more interesting information – in our detailed article on cold brew.