Cold Dripper

If you are interested in Cold Drip Coffee or even want to make it yourself, you will repeatedly come across the so-called cold dripper. With the help of this device, you can quite easily produce this hip cold brewed coffee specialty.


  1. Definition and Terminology
  2. Functionality
  3. Popular Types of Drippers
  4. Dripster Cold Brew Dripper
  5. Hario Water Dripper Clear
  6. Components
  7. Water Tank and Valve
  8. Filter
  9. Coffee Pot or Container

Definition and Terminology

A cold dripper is a device used to brew cold drip coffee. The term is composed of the brewing temperature “cold” and the dripping method “dripper”. Other names for the cold dripper include Dripper, Cold Brew Dripper, Cold Brew Coffee Dripper and Cold Drip Tower.

Traditionally, cold drippers consist of various glass, metal, and plastic elements. These are assembled vertically to form a tower-like construction giving rise to the term cold drip tower. By the way, you can build, use, clean, and reassemble a dripper as often as you like.

Der Cold Brew Coffee Dripper ist eine turmartige Konstruktion. Mit ihr wird Cold Drip Coffee hergestellt.
One look at the tower-like construction of this Cold Brew Coffee Dripper and you can tell why it is also called Cold Drip Tower.

Of course you can buy ready-made Cold Brew Coffee Drippers in specialist shops. Various manufacturers such as Dripster, Hario or Tiamo offer different versions. Alternatively, you can assemble a Cold Dripper yourself as a DIY project, if you are a skilled craftsman.


But how does a Cold Dripper actually work? This question is crucial if you want to understand how cold drip coffee is manufactured. Thus, let us give you an overview before we start with the individual components of a commercially produced dripper. Basically, every classic cold drip construction has a similar setup. It consists of

  • coffee container
  • substrate container including filter
  • valve or tap for adjusting the dripping speed
  • water tank

If you want to brew cold drip coffee you first fill the substrate container with coarsely ground coffee powder. Next, you cover the powder with a round paper filter so that the water will spread evenly.

Subsequently, you completely assemble the dripper. During the next step you fill the water tank with cold water and ice cubes. Then adjust the desired dripping speed on the valve.

Ice-cold water now drips through the valve and the filter onto the coffee grounds. For many hours the water releases caffeine and aromas from the coffee powder. Gradually, the Cold Drip concentrate collects in the coffee container.

Most of all, you need time and patience to prepare cold drip coffee using the dripper. The brewing process of cold drip coffee takes on average between 4 and 24 hours.

Popular Types of Drippers

Currently there exists a manageable number of companies on the market that produce (high-quality) cold drip towers. In Europe drippers made by Dripster, Hario or Tiamo are quite common. Knowing your equipment is important. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to two of our favorite models:

Dripster Cold Brew Dripper

The Dripster is a very compact cold drip tower. It consists of a 600ml water tank made of sturdy, food-safe plastic, a continuously adjustable valve to precisely adjust the drip speed, a stainless steel filter as well as a glass coffee container. We consider the Dripster to be the uncrowned king among the cold brew coffee drippers. So how did it come by this title? Everything comes together: price, performance, and usability.

Why is the Dripster so popular?

  • Practical: It is easy to handle. In addition, the Dripster is made from high-quality materials and is easy to clean.
  • Compact: With its heigth of 29 cm, the Dripster even fits in your fridge.
  • Value for money: For less than 50 Euros, this cold dripper is extremely affordable and provides the highest quality.
  • Beautiful: The Drippster is small yet slim and chic. Therefore, this dripper also enhances your kitchen visually.
  • Delicious: The Dripster extracts fruity and flowery aromas from the coffee bean. So, its cold drip coffee deserves to be seen – and above all tasted.

Joe from has put the Dripster through its paces. And shows us, how this drippper actually works:

Hario Water Dripper Clear

Cold brew coffee has been around in Japan since the 17th century. Over the course of time, the Japanese have continually optimized their cold drippers – both in terms of quality and aesthetics. Accordingly, the cold brew system by Japanese manufacturer Hario embodies elegant efficiency.

The Hario Water Dripper Clear consists of four components: a water container with a valve, a container that holds the filter and ground coffee, and an 800 ml glass jug that collects the cold coffee extract. In addition, there is a plexiglass frame that stabilizes the entire construction.

Der Hario Water Dripper Clear ist ein Cold Dripper, der durch Design besticht.Isn’t it fancy? The Hario Water Dripper Clear convinces in result and design.

Why choose the Hario Water Dripper Clear?

  • Elegant: With this cold drip tower you get a piece of Japanese design for your home. It is like a clear and elegant piece straight out of a chemistry lab.
  • Functional: One expects functionality from a long-established manufacturer of high-quality glassware – and is still pleasantly surprised by its usability.
  • Aromatic: very aromatic and smooth at the same time – this is cold drip coffee from the Hario Water Dripper Clear.

Cold drip coffee brewed in a cold dripper is perfect for cocktails, drinks – or simply with ice cubes “on the rocks”.

The Cold Dripper and its Components

Water Tank and Valve

The water tank of a cold brew dripper is usually made out of hard plastic or glass. To begin with, you fill it with the required amount of cold, filtered water. The water can be either liquid, frozen in ice cubes or both.

A valve or an adjustable tap is connected to the water tank. With it you can adjust the dripping frequency. This has a strong influence on the production time and the taste of your cold drip coffee.


Cold drip filters are mainly available in two varieties:

  • Stainless steel filters: Many Cold Brew Drippers use so-called permanent filters. These consist of a fine mesh of stainless steel. As a rule, they can be cleaned again and again and, therefore, are long-lasting.
  • Paper filters: Round paper filters, on the other hand, are mostly employed for single use in the cold drip process.

Usually, you combine both types of filters in a cold dripper: For example, the filter below the coffee powder is made of stainless steel. At the same time, a paper filter on top of the coffee powder ensures optimum distribution of the coffee water.

The coffee filter not only filters out coffee grounds and other suspended particles, but also other substances and oils. Or it deliberately lets them through. Hence, if you use a filter, it will also affect your coffee’s taste and aroma.

Coffee Pot or Container

The cold drip coffee pot or coffee container on most Cold Brew Coffee Drippers is made from colorless glass. This is partly for hygienic reasons: A glass jug can be easily cleaned. On the other hand, manufacturers of cold drippers also choose this material for aesthetic and functional reasons.

Different brands choose different capacities for their drippers. The standard capacity, for example, are 600 ml jugs. This is the equivalent of about 4 coffee cups. Of course there are also Cold Brew Coffee Drippers with a smaller or larger capacity.